Top Ten Mental Game Tips

1. Stay on an even keel. If you are playing well do not get too high/excited and if you are playing poorly do not get too down. Keeping on an even keel will help you to think correctly.


2. When under pressure slow down. Most people rush their shot selection and execution.


3. Feel comfortable feeling uncomfortable. Expect to feel nervous and tense, this shows that you care and that you are playing well.


4. Do not have a club, hole or a shot that you do not like. If you do you are likely to perform poorly when faced with this particular club, hole or shot.


5. Be decisive on every shot. Once you have decided on a shot to play or a line on a putt commit to that shot.


6. Focus on 1 shot at a time. Especially when playing well.


7. Don't think of your score. Thinking of your score will add pressure.


8. Before playing a shot with a particular club think of a good shot that you have played with that club in the past. This will give you positive reinforcement.


9. Make your opponent prove how good they are. Too often high handicappers play against an opponent with a much lower handicap expecting to lose before they have even teed off. Try this different approach and unless you are playing Rory McIlroy you will do a lot better than you thought you would. 


10. Develop a simple pre-shot routine. By focusing tightly on this routine negative thoughts are less likely to come into your mind.