Teaching Philosophy

I always teach the individual rather than teaching a method. The simple reason being we are all different and there is no single method which would suit everyone.


The most important factor in any golf lesson is good communication. This will create a good rapport between pupil and coach and will also ensure that the pupil can understand exactly what the coach is trying to get them to do. 


Whether you are a total beginner with no experience, or a professional who likes to discuss the finer technical points of the golf swing lessons will be tailored to your requirements.


I believe that a holistic approach to golf coaching is necessary. Too many golfers focus solely on their swing technique whilst neglecting short-game practise and learning how to score. I incorporate all facets of the game in my coaching so that my pupils can reach their full potential.


I teach my pupils how to practise properly. I introduce them to practise techniques used by tournament professionals. These will ensure the player does not waste their time and gets the most out of their practise.


I like to have a mentoring relationship with my pupils . I work closely with them between lessons to check their progress and to help with any problems they may be encountering. Too many coaches see the end of the lesson as the end of their commitment to their pupil until the next lesson.