Lady Beginners Coaching

I offer group lessons for ladies keen to take up golf. I usually offer a 6 week course consisting of 1 hour tuition a week. The course will cover the fundamentals of the game such as the grip and set-up and give a basic insight into the different shots in golf.


These lessons are extremely popular and due to the relaxed, informative environment most pupils have flourished and have continued to play golf at the conclusion of the course.


The course will usually consist of the following lessons.


Lesson 1 - Grip, set-Up and short swing

Lesson 2 - Half - swings - Irons

Lesson 3 - Short - game - Chipping, pitching and bunker shots

Lesson 4 - Full swings + Tee shots - Woods

Lesson 5 - Putting

Lesson 6 - Putting it altogether and playing a few holes.


The above is a rough outline and can be changed according to the pupils' progression and preference.