Top Ten Course Management Tips

1. Know your yardages – most amateurs think they hit the ball further than they actually do.


 2. If you are in trouble take your medicine! Too many golfers try to take on high risk shots which get them in even more trouble and lead to a big score! Chipping out or taking a drop are usually the best options.


3. Be aware of how different conditions will affect the distance the ball will travel. Cold +/or wet conditions will result in a loss of distance. Hot +/or dry conditions and high altitude will result in more distance.


4. Enjoy golf. It’s a game and too many people get frustrated and angry with themselves which usually leads to more bad shots.


5. Watch your playing partner’s shots, you can learn from them e.g. You can see breaks and speed on greens and how wind and slopes affect shots.


6. Always carry a rule book. You need to know the rules. Most people don’t!!


7. Get to the course in time to warm-up and have a practise putt.


8. Make sure you take water and the correct food with you onto the course. You need to avoid dehydration and under nourishment during your round.


9. If you are in between clubs go with the club that will take the trouble out of play.


10. Think of the target not your technique.